When Ambition Meets Opportunity, Anything is Possible.

When Ambition Meets Opportunity, Anything is Possible.

FLEX Educational Services is a start up that was initiated post-Covid 19 to facilitate sciences and adjust learning.

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Engy Saeed Nada

CEO & Founder

Engy Nada is the Chief Educational Officer at Menese International Schools and Founder of FLEX Educational Services. Engy holds a Masters’ degree in Educational Leadership from the American University in Cairo. With more than 17 years of experience in the field, Engy strongly believes in knowledge exchange and aims to simplify sciences via taking the advantages of previous outcomes by aiding learners with latest pedagogical and technological tools for forward progressive movement.

Wafia Hamouda

Educational Consultant

Dr. Wafya Ibrahim Hamouda, PHD. from Newcastle University, England in Computer Linguistics. works currently for the American University in Cairo and as a Lecturer in linguistics at Tanta University. With more than 20 years of experience , working as a Researcher and creating content of various literature and academic papers that were published through the largest and most reputable universities, some of which are Oxford University and Durham University. Wafya, Worked in Cambridge and Newcastle universities in addition to her position as a consultant for UN and USAID.


Head of Banking Credit Courses & Services

Sahar El-damaty is the former Deputy Chair of Banque Masr. Beside holding a bachelor’s and Master’s degree from the American University in Cairo, Damaty graduated from the Credit and Marketing course designed and received from the Chase Manhattan Group. Damaty created and delivered credit course for several banks since 1996 including HSBC, ENBD, and the Arab African Bank.
With more than 30 years of experience, Damaty worked as a main professor in the Egyptian Banking Institute since 2006 teaching corporate credit and banking. She also worked at the American University in Cairo as an instructor since 2018 teaching corporate finance to graduates and undergraduates (School of Business).


School Consultancy

Management Programs & Pedagogical and Technological Staff Training

Educators Training

Pedagogical, Technological Training & Diagnostic analysis and advisory

Specialized Services

Advanced professional courses in specialized fields like banking, offered by industry professionals.

Students’ Programs

Technology Literacy, Interpersonal Programs, AI, Robotics and STEM

#Discover Menese International Schools Digital Transformation

The journey started 2018-19, by screening the schools’ resources and creating a strategic plan according to the available assets and supplies. Goals were set. “Strategic Resources Management” – General Findings, Cognia review 2020

What Learners are saying about us

What Learners are saying about us

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News & Events

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